RCRA Fall Dressage series I (Bronze/Silver/Gold)

The RCRA Fall Dressage Series Bronze competitions are sanctioned as a Bronze, Silver and Gold competition of Equestrian Canada c/o House of Sport 2451 Riverside Drive Ottawa, ON Canada K1H 7X7 and is governed by the rules of EC.” (A602.1)

Royal Canadian Riding Academy 2023 Bronze/Silver/Gold
Dressage Show Series – Sept 30th, 2023
CLOSING DATE – Sept 25, 2023

Click Here to Download – Prize List

Show Manager Amanda Schickedanz
Contact: RCRA Office
Phone: 905-898-7743
Show Secretary Nicole Jowett

E-mail entries to: competitions@rcra.ca

Sara Alberni (EC SB)
Steward Sue Foell (EC S)
Scott Foell (EC S)

Announcer TBA
Sponsorship Nicole Jowett
Phone: 905-898-7743
Email: competitions@rcra.ca

Veterinarian (On-Call) Allossery Equine
Farrier (On-Call) TBA
Medical Services Mark Bird Event Medical Services


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