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Riding Lessons

Lessons take place in a fun and safe atmosphere in our indoor arenas, or if appropriate, in our outdoor rings. Instruction is available in English riding on our selected school horses and ponies, or on your own or leased horse. Lessons run seven days a week year round. RCRA reserves the right to assign students to appropriate groups, horses and/or coaches.

Lessons Offered: 


RCRA Rider Information

For group lessons, semi-private lessons and private lessons (excluding the “Learn to Ride” package) riders must arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the lesson to sign in and then to groom and tack up their horse. Those who are late for tacking up may lose their riding lesson time. It is the rider’s responsibility to have their horse ready and prepared for their lesson before the lesson time starts. Riders who need help with tacking or untacking will have help from the coach as part of their lesson time.

All riders must wear their own approved ASTM/SEI helmets. The Riding Academy will provide helmets for  beginner riders for the first couple of lessons; however we do not guarantee their fit and function for safety. Riders must wear proper riding footwear – a hard-soled boot with a minimum ½” heel and a maximum 2” heel. No running shoes, platform boots, or open-toed shoe are allowed in the barn area. Please tie long hair back. Beginner riders should wear comfortable pants (jeans not recommended/ no shorts). Otherwise standard riding wear is expected. No baggy clothing.

Packages reserve your spot and must be purchased at the start of the month.It is the responsibility of the parent/rider to ensure that your lesson account is in good standing before any lessons occurs. HST is included in our prices. NSF cheques will be charged $56.50.

Lesson packages are non-refundable but are transferable. Lesson packages also make great gifts, you may purchase gift certificates for your loved ones!

ALL lessons must be paid for prior to the lesson date. Lessons unpaid for will result in students forfeiting their spot. Lesson cancellation requires 24 hrs in advanced to not be charged, students who do not show up without informing us will be charged for their absence.  Events and one off lessons require deposits to firmly book  a time slot. There is no refund for lessons purchased or cancelled.

Please notify the front desk preferably by email or call in at 905-898-7743. 

For group lessons, semi-privates and privates (excluding ‘Learn to Ride’ packages) riders need to arrive a ½ hour prior to the start of the lesson to groom and tack up their horse

Riders must wear a proper hard-soled boot with a minimum 1/2″ heel and maximum 2″ heel. No running shoes or platform boots are allowed. No open-toed shoes allowed in the barn area

All riders must wear approved ASTM helmets. Approved helmets are available to borrow, but RCRA does not guaranteed their fit or safety. RCRA recommends each rider buy their own approved ASTM helmet.

Payment for lesson/lesson packages is required prior to the start of the lesson/lesson package

If a lesson is cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson and re-booked to another time and day within the next week there will be no charge for the cancelled lesson. Otherwise payment is due for a cancelled lesson. If a student is regularly absent from his or her class, their spot may be forfeited

Packages are non-refundable and non-transferable

For any cheque returned NSF by your bank a $50.00 NSF Administration charge will be applied to your account.


All prices are per rider and include HST. Prices subject to change without notice.

Hours of Operation: 12 pm to 8 pm Mon- Fri (Administration)/ Sat- Sun 8:30 am- 6-pm {Lessons start at 9 am on weekdays}

Boarder lessons are available at a discounted rate. For more information please ask our front desk.


For any questions, comments or to join RCRA as a new or advanced rider please contact us

anytime via email or phone: 905-898-7743