Charity Events

Looking to do a fundraiser of some kind! Need a positive and loving environment to help foster your event ideals! Well, the RCRA is a large facility that could be shaped to fit your event needs! We have also hosted our own charity events in support of several foundations! We are super thrilled to be part of any efforts that inspire change, innovation and an enormous impact in the community.

A few notable events:

The SickKids Ride-A-Thon July 14-16 2017


The Ride-A-Thon is a multi-disciplinary event for riders of all levels! To participate in the excursion riders must:

  1. Pay Registration fees ( All participants must have an OEF membership)
  2. Collect Donations and fundraise in support of SickKids
  3. OR Collect offline pledge forms–> Click here Offline Pledge Form Here

Riders collecting pledges can sign-up on the following link and create a personal page as well as invite others to donate! You may also collect using offline pledge forms.

You may send in the registration form through email or fax in the entry form at 905-898-6539.

Interested in volunteering for the event? Register here –> Volunteer Registration form Here

Registration fees permit riders to partake in a variety of different divisions such as hacking, jumping over fences, walk/trot in the arena, dressage and more. Overnight stabling is provided with an additional fee. The event will have vendors and festivities for all ages!


Inn from the Cold RCRA Used Clothing and Food Drive
Dec 23 2016 – Jan 8 2017

Various people donated in support of the shelter located here in Newmarket. The shelter provides a warm place to sleep and eat for the homeless from 8 pm- 8 am.

Although the drive is over, people are still welcome to drop off more items during the year to the front desk! We have a representative that takes dropped of donations to the shelter  directly!



For any questions, comments or to join RCRA as a new or advanced rider please contact us

anytime via email or phone: 905-898-7743